Distribution Evaluation – Kali Linux 20.4

Distribution Evaluation – Kali Linux 20.4

Distribution Evaluation – Kali Linux 20.4. Kali is not a general distribution for the masses. It is a specialized distribution for professional pen-testing and forensics. Administrators will find that they can check their own networks with the tools that are included in the distribution.

With over 600 programs included there is a lot to keep track of. Kali has an easy finder feature to easily locate programs.

One category is for general purpose programs. There are also specialized categories for pen-testing, reverse engineering, forensics and tools to write the reports.

One of the nice features is that it also connects you to the community with links to forums and other information (found under Kali and OffSec links). This provides a broad array of information on security related issues.

A customized version of Bash and the Zshell are included to make pentesting easier.


This is not a general purpose distribution that most people would think about. If you want to learn more about security then Kali is one distribution that you need to look into. Start with the links and check them out. Offensive Security (the Big Brother of Kali) has partnerships with the tool builders providing them with support and forums to help out.  Programs within Kali Linux are updated and new programs are available frequently.

If you have a server it would be wise to learn some of the pen-testing tools in Kali Linux. You need to protect yourself from intruders and Kali will help.

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Updated on October 28, 2021