Linux replacements for Windows Programs

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Linux replacements for Windows Programs

When you switch from Microsoft Windows to Linux, no matter which distribution, you quickly find that you need replacements for your favorite programs. This is all part of the journey into open-source software. Here are some of the more popular replacements for Microsoft Windows programs in Linux.

I’ve provided links to the Linux programs so you can learn more about them.¬† This list is for free and open source software only and does not contain any of the paid for software that you can get with Linux.


Windows Program Linux Replacement
Microsoft Office LibreOffice / OpenOffice
Adobe Photoshop Gimp
Quicken GNU Cash
Outlook Evolution
Microsoft Edge Browser Firefox
Instant Messengers Pidgen
Windows Media VLC
Nero / Roxio K3B
Partition Magic G Parted
Adobe Dreamweaver Net Beans
WS FTP Filezilla
Win Amp Rythumbox
Windows Live Movie Maker Open Shot
ITunes gtkpod
Skype Ekiga
Notepad++ Atom / Brackets
Windows Firewall UFW / GUFW


Knowing that  there are an enormous amount of replacements for the programs that you know in Microsoft Windows is a good start to transitioning to Linux. The nice this about Linux is that most (if not all) are free to use, keeping your budget intact. You can also find the vast majority in the software archives to download easily.

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