Home surveillance systems debate

Home surveillance systems -privacy versus security

  Home surveillance systems debate An overview of the debate Home surveillance systems are everywhere now.  As of October 2022, nearly half of American households with broadband internet had a home security system, networked camera, video doorbell, or combination of them. That is a lot of cameras! The data is not stored in your home, […]

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Step-by-step guide – Home Network Diagram

Home Network Diagram - how to visualize your home network

  Home Network Diagram Part of the Home Cybersecurity series Once we have a good inventory of what is on our network, it is time to draw a diagram of what we have to get a good picture. Visualizing your home network with a home network diagram will help you to plan and visualize what […]

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Home Cybersecurity (Updated)

Home cybersecurity

Home Cybersecurity updated I have wanted to update my network cybersecurity and tell you all of the things that I have learned. This will be a series of updated in-depth articles that will help you to setup your own cybersecurity in your own home. I know that this is going to be an ambitious project, […]

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The folly of banning the Tic Toc app

The folly of banning Tic Toc app

Why the Tic Toc app won’t work: The United States Congress is currently debating and investigating Tic Toc. There is little doubt that Tic Toc and their practices at shady and do not benefit the US citizens.  ByteDance, the company that owns Tic Toc operates at the pleasure of the Chinese Government and by law […]

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Getting Smart With: PASS – the command line password manager

Open source command line tool to store passwords securely

Getting Smart With: PASS – the command line password manager PASS is a password manager that uses the command line in Linux to create encrypted files for the sites that you visit. PASS was designed for simplicity and adheres to the Unix philosophy. With PASS, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose […]

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Hardening Your Home Router

Home Router Hardening

Hardening Your Home Router Hardening your home router is a fairly straightforward thing to do. I will explain all the steps involved and walk you through the process. So what is hardening? It is the process of securing your network so it is harder for the bad actors to get into it. Although all routers […]

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