Getting to your BIOS

Getting into your bios

Getting to Your BIOS

Getting to your BIOS or UEFI firmware (the successor to BIOS) isn’t difficult, but knowing which keys to push when you are booting up can be tricky. I’ve listed a lot of different manufacturers and the keys to push when you are booting up. The BIOS is part of your motherboard and not your operating system.

Changing the boot order to use live CDs is in the BIOS – You can check out some of the Linux distros using this method to find which “flavor” of Linux you prefer.

Steps to take

  1.  Restart your computer
  2. Press the key that corresponds to the manufacturer (List Below)
  3. Change what you wish
  4. Save changes and exit
Acer F12, F9, F2, Esc
Apple Option
Asus Esc
Clevo F7
Dell F12
Fujitsu F12, Esc
Gigabyte / Aorus F2, DEL
Huawei F12
Intel F10
Levino (desktop) F1, F12
Levino (laptops) F2, Fn+F2
Levino (thinkpad) Enter then F1
Samsung Esc, F12, F2
Sony F11, Esc, F10
Toshiba F12
Others F12



If you don’t see the motherboard/manufacturer of your computer try F12 or DEL – you can also search on the web for your particular hardware.

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Updated on August 05, 2023