Step-by-Step Home Network Inventory Guide

step-by-step home network inventory - the first step in home cybersecurity

Step-by-Step Home Network Inventory Guide Article Two – Home Cybersecurity series Taking an inventory of your home network is the first step in getting your network under control. There is an old adage that you can’t control what you don’t know about, and the same is true for your network. You have to know what […]

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Home Cybersecurity (Updated)

Home cybersecurity

Home Cybersecurity updated I have wanted to update my network cybersecurity and tell you all of the things that I have learned. This will be a series of updated in-depth articles that will help you to setup your own cybersecurity in your own home. I know that this is going to be an ambitious project, […]

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What to Do After Installing Pop_OS

  I really am enjoying I just received a beautiful new Thelio Mira from System 76 (they don’t advertise here, but they make a great product and I highly recommend them). When I get a new computer I install the programs and add-ons that I want on it. POP_OS is great for this. It is […]

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Firefox tweaks for 2023

Firefox browser tweaks for 2023

Make your Firefox browser even more secure with just changing a few settings. Awhile back, I wrote an article on tweaking some settings for your Firefox browser, since then Firefox has evolved some with new versions, so another updated article is needed. Here are some of the settings that you should consider changing to make […]

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Getting Smart With: PASS – the command line password manager

Open source command line tool to store passwords securely

Getting Smart With: PASS – the command line password manager PASS is a password manager that uses the command line in Linux to create encrypted files for the sites that you visit. PASS was designed for simplicity and adheres to the Unix philosophy. With PASS, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose […]

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How to achieve online privacy

Online privacy is the goal of many of us who surf the web. Unfortunately, it is a fluid concept that is only partially achieved in most cases. Who, might you ask is storing or collecting my private data? Who is spying on me? Your local device (ie. your computer or smart phone) Your local ISP […]

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