Step-by-step guide – Home Network Diagram

Home Network Diagram - how to visualize your home network

  Home Network Diagram Part of the Home Cybersecurity series Once we have a good inventory of what is on our network, it is time to draw a diagram of what we have to get a good picture. Visualizing your home network with a home network diagram will help you to plan and visualize what […]

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Step-by-Step Home Network Inventory Guide

step-by-step home network inventory - the first step in home cybersecurity

Step-by-Step Home Network Inventory Guide Article Two – Home Cybersecurity series Taking an inventory of your home network is the first step in getting your network under control. There is an old adage that you can’t control what you don’t know about, and the same is true for your network. You have to know what […]

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Home Cybersecurity (Updated)

Home cybersecurity

Home Cybersecurity updated I have wanted to update my network cybersecurity and tell you all of the things that I have learned. This will be a series of updated in-depth articles that will help you to setup your own cybersecurity in your own home. I know that this is going to be an ambitious project, […]

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Celebrating Ethernet’s 50th Anniversary

Ethernet @ 50

Celebrating 50 Years of Ethernet: The Backbone of Modern Connectivity On May 22, 1973, a groundbreaking technology was born that would forever revolutionize the way we connect and communicate. Ethernet, the underlying technology facilitating the transfer of data across networks, has now reached its momentous 50th anniversary. It was invented by Robert Metcalfe, David Boggs, […]

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What to Do After Installing Pop_OS

  I really am enjoying I just received a beautiful new Thelio Mira from System 76 (they don’t advertise here, but they make a great product and I highly recommend them). When I get a new computer I install the programs and add-ons that I want on it. POP_OS is great for this. It is […]

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