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The Physical network diagram

The Physical network diagram (IE. the floor plan) is built to scale. Each of the wire runs is calculated, plus 10% more for maintenance and going up and down walls and a “service loop” so that the wires can easily come out of the walls for maintenance.

I used a program called Visio from Microsoft to do the measurements and my diagram. You can also use graph paper and measure each of the wire runs.

Home Ethernet wiring

  • t will take 32 runs of CAT 6 wire to wire all of the essential rooms.  Approximately 2 rolls of CAT 6 plenum wire. (Cable color code: blue)
  • Two 4-outlet plates and twenty-four 2-outlet plates
  • Thirty-two terminator blocks for the wires to the plates
  • A forty-eight punch-down – I may want to expand the network and put in a few IP cameras.
  • A four way 110 volt grounded outlet and a 110 volt grounded outlet for the power strip.
  • Lighting for the closet
  • AC run off of one of the main lines into the closet
  • 32 3-foot cables to go from the punch down panels to the switch (Cable color code: Red)
  • 2 3-foot wires to go from the security appliance and the router to the switch (Cable color code: green)
  • 2 8-foot wires to go from the NAS and server to the switch (Cable color code: green)
  • All of the wires labeled
  • All outlet wires labeled (inside of the wall plates)
  • Every wall plates labeled


Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Punch down tool
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill (Optional)
  • Glow Rods or fishing tape reel
  • Zip ties

You can find most of the cabling and the punch down panels that I mentioned at cables2go.com. I endorse them even though I don’t get any monetary benefit from it. I have used them extensively an like their services and products.

My APC Power bar and APC UPS, which I already have (from other jobs),  will go into the rack. I will need at least a 2 1U shelves to house the security appliance, router, server and NAS.

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Updated on October 28, 2021