Distribution Evaluation – Linux Mint 20

Distribution Evaluation – Linux Mint 20

Distribution EvaluationLinux Mint 20. Code named Ulyana, Linux Mint 20 is a LTS (Long term Support) release based on Ubuntu. It will be supported until 2025. It comes with the Cinnamon desktop, which combines Gnome 3 with a traditional desktop experience.

For most purposes Linux Mint 20 is surprisingly good. It is very easy to use.  The Cinnamon Desktop menu is simplicity itself.

Adding Programs

There are several programs that come with the distribution by default, but it is not over done like some distributions. To add programs there is a GUI software manager or you can go to the command line and use APT to get the programs you wish.


The editor’s picks are good for programs that you might not know about and should check out if you get a chance. The software is broken down into categories for ease of searching.

There is also a GUI Software Updater that will keep your software up to date for you.


Overall I like the Cinnamon Desktop. It is very easy to navigate around and adapt.  Seeing that this is a Debian based distribution I am a bit biased, but here are the scores that I gave it.


(Overall rating – out of 5 stars)
* * * * *
(Features and programs included out of the box – out of 5 stars)
* * * *
Ease of Use
(Interface ease of use – out of 5 stars)
* * * * *
(ease of customizing – out of 5 stars )
* * * * *

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Updated on October 28, 2021