Distribution Evaluation – Fedora 33

Distribution Evaluation – Fedora 33

Distribution Evaluation – Fedora 33 – There are several improvements in this distribution. One of which is Gnome 3.38, but there are many package improvements also. The most noticeable change is a default to Btrfs filesystem. This gives you system snapshots, and support for multiple snapshots. It also brings enhanced data integrity and compression.  Fedora uses zram for the swap partition, a move that frees up disk space and speeds up swapping.


Don’t be fooled by the “plain brown wrapper” that is the interface. Under the hood there are a lot of changes that took place in Fedora 33. The system doesn’t come with a lot of un-needed software, but installing it is a breeze from the repository. Also note that if you are looking for secure boot it is coming soon (and my already be out depending on when you read this article).

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Updated on October 28, 2021