Linux cheat sheet

Linux cheat sheet

A Linux cheat sheet is a great way to learn things. When I was going to school my teachers encouraged us to make them to study for tests. Using them during the tests of course was forbidden. When I taught computer related subjects I encouraged the same things with the same rules.

Writing cheat sheets also kept things in my mind longer, so they were useful that way. Now I have cheat sheets on many subjects and I am going to share my Linux cheat sheet with you now.

I made my cheat sheet into a shell script since I do most of my work at the command line.  I can copy and paste the commands that I want into the command line and modify to my heart’s content.

Here is a part of the code

The cheat sheet goes over many categories:

  1. Network functions
  2. SSH
  3. File Transfers
  4. System Information
  5. Hardware Information
  6. Performance Monitoring
  7. User Management
  8. File & Directory Commands
  9. Process Management
  10. TAR Files
  11. Search
  12. Installing packages

Here is a zipped up version of the code.
(updated October 2021) – I will be updating this from time to time so check back.

There are other Linux cheat sheets online, just do a search with DuckDuckGo


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Updated on October 28, 2021