Distribution Evaluation Elementary 5.2

Distribution Evaluation Elementary 5.2

A distribution evaluation of Elementary 5.2, a Linux distribution that has been around since 2011, is generally favorable. The desktop is called “Pantheon” and is built on top of the Gnome desk top and Ubuntu’s Long Term releases. The innovative desk top is nicely done and aesthetically pleasing. It looks a lot like macOS. It is great for beginner to Linux and those who like a simple straight forward desktop. Pantheon offers little in terms of customization of the desktop itself.

The app center has free (as in free beer) and paid software. The programs that come with the OS “out of the box” are fairly sparse, but you can download most anything that you need. You can also download synaptic package manager to update and handle packages.

I was surprised that I didn’t find the Linux “standard” programs like Gimp or Libre Office.  But each of these are downloadable through the app center and you can always add repositories seeing that this is a Ubuntu derivative. The installed web browser is a variant on Firefox and takes Firefox extensions.

One of the “battery features” tells you how much power you have left in your mouse. This being a desktop machine it doesn’t have another type battery.

Final thoughts

Elementary describes itself as “the fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS.”  I am not sure about privacy-respecting, but they are at the cusp of Linux desktop development with innovative features like color adjustments for different times of the day and automatic file cleanup.


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Updated on October 28, 2021